Whats made me happy this week?

If you have read my previously post then you'll be aware that this week has been one of those hide under a duvet and drown your sorrows in chocolate kind of week. So the things that have made me happy this week are most definitly the little things.

1) Romantic Comedies. Normally I would say I much prefer 'boy' films but every now and then you really can't beat a good girly film, and this week we have managed to work our way through quite a few of them.

2) Saving money. putting aside money for a rainy day makes me happy that it will be used for something exciting one day, even though it means I can't buy the dress I want right now!

3) Face Off, a sort of project runway for special effects make up. This show is very quickly becoming my guilty pleasure. I love it!

4) Its March! One step closer to spring/summer.

5) Jam on toast, one of my favourites!

6) Cuddles. There is nothing better than a cuddle with someone when your feeling stressed.

7) This time next week I'll be Skiing. :)

8) Understanding a lecture, believe me this is a rare moment for me!

9) Pastel nail polish, pretty & summery!

10) Being back in a double bed, I love having the space to sprawl as much as I want when I sleep!

Pinch, punch, first of the month! Happy 1st of March! What has made you happy this week? What are your plans for the weekend?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx
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  1. I love Jam on toast nom nom xx


  2. That´s nice! I like romantic comedies and I would love to learn how to ski one day :D What made me happy this week? Mmm.. I would say some new songs that I listened to, the fact that in two days my exam-stress will be over! And the wintery days because that means cuddling in my bed with a warm drink and lots of movies :3