Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Brits.

Due to all the computer problems I have been left with a backlog of posts, so I know by now that this was absolutely ages ago, but I wanted to post it anyway because as you guys know I love the awards shows & there were some really beautiful outfits that I just want to showcase, maybe it will remind you of some of the outfits you enjoyed too. So I know this is outdated & if you don't want to read about 'old news' feel free to not read but I enjoyed reading others' posts about The Brits and wanted to share my thoughts with you guys anyway!

Taylor Swift looked absolutely amazing in an Ellie Saab gown, the elegant high necked black dress looked very glamorous and sophisticated whilst the slit in the skirt which showed off her leg added sex appeal. The styling and hair & make up worked wonderfully together and I think that she looked absolutely gorgeous. She also looked amazing in her performance of 'I knew you were trouble.' Basically I'm loving Taylor Swift at the moment!

Another person rocking the slit skirt was Rebecca Ferguson, I've always thought that she is a stunning girl, but in this outfit she looks incredible. The 'cutout' top of the dress adds something to the look which makes it stand out without being too out there. She looks incredible and is another example of hair & make up playing a crucial part in completing a look.

Clearly for this event I have really enjoyed the darker shades of outfits and Emma Willis' short dress was no exception. I really like the style of this dress, I think it gives a classic look an edgy feel and I really like the fact that she chose to play down the accessories but added bright lipstick to stand out. I am a massive fan of the contrast between the top and the skirt and would definitely wear an outfit like this myself. Massive fan!

So these are my favourite outfits from the Brits. If you can remember that far back I would love to know your favourite outfits from the night. Sorry for the delayed post once again but it couldn't be helped.

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Charlotte x


  1. Taylor looked stunning, she was on top of her game lately x

    1. I know, she's definitely stepped up recently! xx


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