Friday, 22 March 2013

Soap & Glory Collection | Part One.

This is a post I've been meaning to do for a while, for Christmas (Wow that feels ages ago now!) I received rather alot of Soap & Glory products. Needless to say I haven't and won't be needing to purchase any moisturizers for a long time to come. As I received such a variety of products some of which I've tried before and others that I'm completely new to, I thought that I'd share with you my thoughts on the products in my current collection.

This product I actually received two of for Christmas, so I am never likely to run out of: Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk, I really like this product as a shower gel/body milk it does its job and leaves my skin feeling very smooth, the product says that it features Waterlock, a moisture trapping matrix, in all honestly I don't really know what that means but I'd hazard a guess that its meant to either a) stop water washing a way too quickly or b) keep moisture in your skin (If anyone knows the actual answer to this then please let me know in the comments.) Either way I haven't particularly noticed a difference in the product with water in comparison to other products, but my skin does feel very hydrated after I have used it. The thing that I love most about this product is in fact the scent, it contains: Almond, Cocoa, Yogurt, Oat & Honey and I think it smells incredible and leaves my skin smelling really nice as well. I'd never tried this product before recently but after trying it I would definitely consider buying it, not that I'm likely to need to in the near future.

I've mentioned this product briefly before in my January Favourites, its the Mist you madly body spray. My love for this product has increased over time and sadly it is nearly all gone, that's how much I love it. It is the perfect product to remind you of summer in this dank dreary weather. It describes itself as a flirty floral fragrant body spray and I would definitely agree, its a very girly product and is most definitely floral and sweet, but not in a too sweet & sickly kind of way. This product opened my eyes to Soap & Glory's body sprays and now that mine is running it out I am definitely tempted to purchase one of the other scents to see if they are all as good as this one.

Another Body Wash/Shower gel product I want to talk about is one I have used many times before and has become an old favourite in my Soap & Glory collection. The Clean on Me Creamy Clarifying shower gel for me is one of my favourite shower gels ever, the smell is amazing and it leaves my skin feeling so nourished and hydrated it says it contains natural mandarin peel extract and bonus built-in body lotion and you can definitely tell the difference my skin always feels so soft when I've used it. This is definitely my most recommended Soap & Glory product I absolutely love it.

Soap & Glory's Hand Food is a must have for your hand bag, my hands get so unbelievably dry so a hand cream is essential for me, this hand cream is the best I've tried. It is described as a non-greasy hydrating hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil & marshmallow and I would agree with every single one of those things, it is hydrating & moisturizing and really helps to soothe dry and cracked skin, but is in no way greasy as it dries so quickly. The smell is incredible, I literally find myself sniffing my hands constantly after I've used it because it smells so nice...bit weird but that just shows how incredible the smell is.

So that's part one of my soap & glory collection, I've split it into two parts as otherwise it would be such a long post and we don't want that. So expect part two soon.

Have you tried any of these soap & glory products?
What is your favourite item from this brand?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx


  1. Love S&G products x

  2. I very rarely buy soap and glory products but you have made me want to go and purchase them all!
    Lovely post :-) x


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