Wednesday, 27 March 2013

So Long & Goodnight.

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So on Saturday I heard the news that my favourite band had split up, My Chemical Romance are no more (Not quite the favourite band you'd expect right?!) and I'm actually really upset, not as much as my 14 year old emo self would be, but still pretty gutted. And it made me think how someones music can actually affect you. I never really used to understand when people would say '...'s music saved my life' but looking back I realise that this band really helped me to get through alot of stuff growing up, and I found it strange that a group of people I'd never met could help me to feel better about stuff. This made me realise how much we actually relate to music and how universal it is - you can connect to anyone around the world just through a song. Its Crazy.

Obviously I will still have there music, but there is something sad knowing that your favourite band isn't going to produce anything new, or that you'll never get the chance to see them perform live.  Que a week of constantly playing their albums on a loop mourning.

What band/artist would you be most gutted about if they split up?

Speak Soon
Charlotte x


  1. I was quite sad too :o( I saw them live twice and it was brilliant xx

  2. Hi! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can find out more about it on:

    Have a nice day! =)

    p.s.: I'd hate it if Great Big Sea (my favorite band) split up.

  3. i know so sad about MCR :(

    thanks for following me, I'm following you back, and on both your twitter pages too!! I'm new to twitter, haven't got the hang of it yet, haha, it's cool though :) well done on the liebster too! xoxo


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