Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Rimmel | Wake Me Up Foundation.

I have been using this foundation for quite a long time now, and have been wanting to do a review on it for ages and have finally had the chance to do it. First of all I'd just like to say that I am a massive fan of this foundation, it pretty much does everything that I require of a foundation & I have to say at the moment I have no desire to try out any others, that is how much I like it. As you can probably tell I'm quite biased about this product, but just to remind you that these are my own opinions and I'm just letting you know what I think about the product. So if you agree or disagree please feel free to let me know your opinions.

The thing that I like most about this foundation is the dewy effect it gives to the skin, I think that on my skin tone anything too matte looks really unnatural and caked on. I much prefer that more natural skin like look and I really think that this foundation does that for me. It also doesn't make me look too shiny which is very good as I think there is a very fine line between dewy and looking sweaty/reflective, but I think that this foundation manages to keep the natural look without looking too natural.

You really do not need a lot of this product to get the job done as the coverage is really good. I definitely think that less is more with this product, however saying that it is buildable, so can be added to give a flawless finish. But I really do  think that even with a little product it definitely goes a long way, which is very good in ensuring it lasts a long time and saves my purse a few coins for a while.

The colour foundation I use is 200 Soft Beige, and I think that for me this is the perfect colour. It matches my natural skin tone well but also helps to add a colour tint which gives a healthy glow without in any way looking orange. This is one of few foundations which I have never worried about looking like a wotsit in. Obviously this is likely to differ skin to skin and I would 100% recommend testing the product out first before you buy it but for me it really is true to colour.

The last thing that I want to comment on may be considered abit strange but surprisingly sways my decisions quite abit...I really like the packaging, its simple & I really like the orange lid, it reminds me of sunshine for some reason and is also helpful in terms of finding it in my make up bag. The fact that its a pump applicator is also essential for me as otherwise I always end up with too much. I also really love the smell of the product, it reminds me of holidays. The only thing that I don't like as much about the packaging is that its glass and there have been a few times when I've been using this product and I've dropped it & its smashed everywhere which isn't the most ideal scenario. Take it from me cleaning up foundation is not the funnest task.

So this is a brief review of my favourite foundation as you can see I'm a massive fan.
 Have you tried this foundation and if so what did you think of it?
Whats your favourite foundation?

Speak Soon
Charlotte x

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