Saturday, 16 March 2013

Hitting The Slopes.

If you guys didn't know already, I've recently been away skiing in France. I had a really great time and considering the fact that I hadn't been in five years I think I managed to do pretty well. Apart from when I pretty much somersaulted down the mountain and injured my back, meaning the rest of the weekend was abit of a struggle but with plenty of paracetamol and muscle rub I managed to carry on. The place we went to is called 'La Clusaz' it was an absolutely beautiful resort and I wish I could have got some more photos. I did take my big camera with me but as Skiing is a somewhat extreme sport I didn't want to take it up the mountain at the risk of breaking it, so all the photos I'll be posting were taken on my phone.

Hot Chocolate - the perfect skiing drink.
Hope you like this sneak peak into my holiday, We had a great time and we even met a 'celebrity' at the airport: Dom Littlewood from Rogue traders/cowboy builders ;) not quite A list but exciting anyway, although my dad remains certain he saw Beyonce in a watch shop...I wish but sadly it wasn't her and from that we determined that he has no idea what Beyonce looks like at all.

Have you been Skiing? What do you think of it? Do you have any holidays coming up?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx


  1. Wonderful pictures!!! God, such a beautiful place! It´s so nice that you had the chance to go there :D :D

    1. I know, it was so beautiful, the quality of the phone pictures really don't do it justice! xx

  2. So beautiful! I've never been skiing (it doesn't snow in Brazil), but it must be lots of fun! :D

    1. It is great fun, very hard work though! Wow Brazil!? I'm so jealous, definitely one of my wishlist places. xx


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