Friday, 1 February 2013

Whats made me happy this week?

Found this on Pinterest it made me laugh - sorry if the language offends anyone
1) Straight hair - my hair is naturally a wavy mess which takes so long to straighten, I prefer the look of it straight but I normally lack the patience to spend so long on it. But I'm really liking it at the moment.

2) Greek Yogurt - a healthy yogurt substitute, I'm on a diet & its nice to be able to eat something that tastes nice and isn't really bad for you.

3) Cleaning - my inner domestic goddess has come out to play this week, and a big clean has been done in my Uni house and believe me it needed it! Grim. I find a session of proper cleaning to be very therapeutic  just me, my ipod & my rubber gloves.

4) Cooking - I've really been getting into cooking different meals and trying new recipes, most of them have turned out alright so far, so pretty pleasing considering I'm normally rubbish at cooking.

5) The Weather - Yes you heard right! I've noticed a shift in temperature and weather over the past week, it feels like its warming up and its definitely looking sunnier. Lets hope it stays on the up :)

6) Doodling - such an enjoyable form of procrastination

7) Superhero movies - I could literally sit and watch superhero movies all day, I love them so much!

8) Making plans - finally some plans for the summer are coming together, and boy I can't wait.

9) Mushroom soup - I would never think to buy this, but found some in my cupboard and oh my is it tasty, definitely going to have to stock up

10) That we are one month closer to Spring/Summer! :) Happy February!

I hope you've had a lovely week. Hope your enjoying the Friday feeling and the beginning of a new month! What are your plans for the weekend/week ahead?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx


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  2. I love your blog! Definitely following!

  3. I love your blog, and the title. Hobbits <3 x

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  5. great blog, you're a great writer <3 <3

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  7. aw this is really cute!



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