Monday, 11 February 2013

Whats in Charlotte's bag.

This sort of post/video has been popping up left, right & center recently, so I thought I'd join the club and show you the contents of my handbag, I'll note that it did have to be cleaned out abit before I took these photos. My bag has become a hiding place for wrappers, receipts & rogue penny's and that just isn't good for any body, so a good clean out was exactly what it needed. Thanks for the incentive fellow bloggers!

The bag that I'm using is an old favourite, I bought this last spring/summer as I loved the colours on it, they made me feel very summery and somewhat sailory. The bag itself is from Wallis, I would never normally think to go in to Wallis as I always think of it as a more 'mumsy' type of shop. But their selection of bags last summer was really good, I was seriously impressed! If I'd have had better funds I may have picked up more than one.

Seeing as in my mind its pretty much spring/summer now that January is over, I decided its time for it to remake an appearance in my life. It is so roomy - perfect for all the books & folders those students among us have to carry around.

Beauty Bits
The Beauty bits that I keep on the go with me are limited but essentials.
Hand Food - This product has been my saviour this winter and with the somewhat harsh winds not dying down it is an essential on the go product to keep my hands feeling smooth, plus it leaves them smelling amazing.
Vaseline - As a chronic sufferer of dry lips, Vaseline is probably the one product I could never accidentally leave somewhere unless I want to come home looking like I've been in a fight with cut and dry lips. My personal favourite is the rosy lips one as it smells lovely and adds a slight pinkness to the lips which I think looks really nice.
Body Spray - The body spray I'm using at the moment is the Soap & Glory Mist you madly body spray, but as the bottle is abit on the larger side I don't particularly want to take up extra room in my bag. I had some empty spray bottles left over from when I went on holiday in the summer, so I just poured some in one of those & now have a travel size body spray. Not quite as pretty looking but far more practical.
My 'Emergency' kit - This little kit is equipped for any sort of incident, it contains items such as: plasters, antiseptic wipes, safety pins, hay fever tablets, paracetamol, ibuprofen, pro plus, my other inhaler, Blister plasters, bite & sting relief, Kirby grips, hair bands, concealer, a mini hairbrush, tweezers, a mini sewing kit etc. The list goes on and on, I'm definitely known amongst my friends as the go to girl for first aid stuff. It all hides away in a cute/somewhat grubby little make up bag.

Stationary bits
I love stationary so it is very surprising that this is how little I actually have in my bag, the amount differs depending on what I'm doing. If I've got Uni then a writing pad & folder will be in their too, occasionally my sketch book will make an appearance along with my pencil case. However on a daily basis these are my stationary essentials.
Diary - This beautiful diary is from Paperchase and was a lovely Birthday present, I prefer the larger diaries that they do as there is more room to write everything down, I sometimes find that with smaller diaries or diaries with more than one day on a page that it can become cramped and in my case unreadable so I much prefer having more space to write as largely as I like.
Notebook - This notebook is from Cath Kidston, and I absolutely love it. The print on the front is too cute & it is the perfect size to whip out on the go to write down lists, ideas & inspiration.
Mini Notes - These too are from Cath Kidston and were a Christmas present, I absolutely adore the designs on the cards, they are cute, travel sized and are ideal for writing notes or giving details on something a lot more attractive than a scrap of paper.
Pens - Of course what bag would be complete without many a pen lying around, unfortunately I manage to lose pens constantly so I always keep more than necessary at the bottom of my bag for such an occasion.

My Electronics are probably my most used items in my bag.
Phone - My trusty HTC has done me well, and is a constant cure for boredom in lectures! Curse you temple run 2. Even though I don't use my phone as much as others may do, I still often feel somewhat naked without it.
Camera - The camera I have is the Canon ixus 130, and is known as my going out camera, if I'm taking proper photo's I will use my Nikon camera, but this camera is perfect for night out & on the go snaps.
USB pen - I think a USB pen is one of a students best friends, it is essential during that essay time of year when it comes to printing & backing up work, I have so many lying around but always like to keep one in my bag, just in case.
Ipod - My Ipod is most definitely the oldest item in my bag. Does anyone remember the first Ipod Nano that came out? Yep that's the one I have, the hot pink brick as I like to call it. This item has definitely served me very well & I'm dreading the day when it bites the dust.

These are the bits that I definitely need to function on a daily basis.
Purse - I love this purse so much I think it is so pretty & girly, but also very practical. It is very spacious with separate compartments for cards, coins & notes. This was a birthday present from my housemates & I'm very grateful for it as my previous purse was quite literally falling apart.
 Glasses Case & Glasses - Obviously my glasses are quite an important part of my day to day life and pretty much essential for lectures. The Glasses I have are from the Gok Wan range and I got them for £10 down from £90, so needless to say I was pretty chuffed with that.
Gloves - With the weather we've been having recently it would be silly of me not to have some form of knit wear on my person at all times and as my hands get extra cold, it is pretty much essential for me to have gloves in my bag.
Inhaler - I have Asthma so i'd be stupid not to carry it around with me, just in case I should need it.
Keys - Keys to my uni house & home houses, although I definitely have more key rings than I do keys. Oops.

So that is everything that is in my bag at the moment. Are you like me and have excessive items in your bag? What are your essential every day items?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

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  1. Ooh I am loving your purse too, so different! I need to do this, I started taking photo's today but forgot to do my bag D'uh!!


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