Friday, 1 February 2013

Goodbye January, Hello February!

It can't be just me who thinks that the month of January has gone by far too quickly? Whether or not I'm pleased to see it go is another story. Obviously I'm ridiculously excited that its one step closer to Spring/Summer, I can feel the urge to put the sandals on already. However I always feel that January offers a 'fresh start' and I feel that this year I've taken it up, I've improved on many of the things I've wanted too. Now that its over though I don't want to slip into old habits, so I've decided the only way to deter this is too up my game. I need to start doing things rather than just thinking about/planning them. I feel like the year is already going so quickly - slow down 2013, before you know it, it will be this time next year and I'll have achieved nothing :\ eek that's a scary thought, better get cracking. Easier said than done eh? Saying all that I do feel good about February, lets hope it brings good things. It is the month of love (and chocolate) after all!

Did you achieve everything you wanted to in January? What are your aims/special plans for February?

Oh and Pinch Punch first of the month!! :) Happy February!

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

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