Saturday, 9 February 2013

An afternoon well spent.

Sorry about the glare in the picture, the weather was so crappy I had to use flash.
Today has been productive for the most part, I got up at 9 am which for me on a weekend is pretty miraculous, I then had a complete spring clean/sort out of my room which now looking around makes me very happy. Me and my housemates attempted to do Zumba, which may have been one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen. The rest of the day has pretty much consisted of tidying, laundry and cleaning, I've even planned a couple of blog posts. So at around 4 pm, I decided to treat myself to a little me time, and boy did I need it. I've been feeling pretty run down the last couple of days, so a nice relaxing afternoon after a hard working morning really did hit the spot. The recipe for this relaxing afternoon is as follows: a hot cup of tea, with an extra sugar than I'd normally have (Shh don't tell,) Some chocolate - Malteaster bunnies & Mini eggs were the only choice really, I'm obsessed with Easter chocolate at the moment. Along with the perfect snacks reading the latest issue of Company magazine and my favourite blogs, with my most chilled playlist blaring on iTunes. I now feel perfectly relaxed and much better than I did before. I love how chocolate has the ability to change my mood, the fact that it tastes amazing is an added bonus.

What do you like to get up to on your chilled afternoons? What are your favourite chilled tunes to listen to? I'm looking to update my iTunes so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hope your having a lovely weekend
Speak Soon
Charlotte xx


  1. I always have a long hot bath when I am chilling out, light some candles in the bathroom, grab my kindle and turn my phone off xx

    1. Agreed, I love a good bath, unfortunately at my uni house we only have a shower, so baths have to be a home time treas. Sounds nice and relaxing :) xx

  2. Definitely a time well spent, those chocolate bunnies are delicious!


  3. jealous of this. I think 'Daughter' has great music for this kind of mood. x


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