Thursday, 24 January 2013

What's made me happy this week?

1) Being back at Uni - as hard work as it is I really did miss it over Christmas & its so nice to get to spend time with my lovely housemates once again

2) No snow - I liked it while it was around but I'll be glad to see the tail end of it when the remaining bits clear off

3) Band T-shirts - I'm definitely more of a t-shirt girl than a dress girl, so the more band t-shirts the better - plus I like alot of bands

4) Making Lists - I love making lists so much, I am literally obsessed with list making. It makes me feel so much more organised than I actually am. Once I made a to do list about a to do list (definitely too far)

5) Leather Jackets - the perfect jacket for any weather, and can give an outfit a whole lotta edge. A firm wardrobe favourite of mine

6) Eating Healthily - I've been eating healthily & exercising more for just under a week and I already feel so much better. I feel healthier, happier & soon hopefully I'll be a bit skinnier

7) Reaching 30 followers - I know for some that it isn't alot, but the fact that 30 people are interested to read what I have to say is a very nice feeling. So thank you too all my followers you lovely people make me very happy indeed!

8) My Topshop boots - they were a birthday/Christmas present and since then I have rarely taken them off. They are an amazing quality, look beautiful and stylish, and are ridiculously comfy

9) Flower Print - I've been using so much recently, I've got floral ditsy print bed sheets & lampshade. It's so feminine and makes it feel like spring/summer

10) Painted nails - As much as I hate painting my nails, I find it to be such a chore but my nails always look so much better when they have a coat of colour on them

Hope everyone is having a lovely week. Whats been the most enjoyable part of your week? I hope everyone has a lovely weekend :)

Speak Soon
Charlotte x


  1. Yay for getting 30 followers me being one of them ;o) xx

  2. Well tomorrow i'm taking the boyfriend out for a meal which should be fun!! :) Ahhh I agree with the flower print, I have it on my bed and curtains and it puts me in such a girly mood :D You too dear! x

    1. Ahh I hope you had a lovely time :) Yeah you definitely can't beat a good flower print.

      Charlotte xx


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