Friday, 18 January 2013

What's made me happy this week?

Me as a baby looking slightly demonic

1) Sorting through old photo's and finding pictures of me as a baby - I was so weird looking

2) Snow - it's sooo pretty to watch from outside my window and my dog absolutely adores it

3) That I got 2:1's in my last terms assignments! :) hopefully I can keep that up

4) My captain America jumper - one step closer to becoming a superhero ;)

5) Microwavable slippers - such a good Christmas present, perfect for keeping my toes warm in these snowy conditions

6) Buying items for my Uni house - now I know I'm getting old but I absolutely love buying things that will make my house/room at Uni personal & cosy

7) The thought of going Skiing - the snow is just making me even more excited! Roll on March

8) Ripper Street - This programme is definitely becoming one of my favourite's  it's so dark but I absolutely love it! the costumes are amazing too.

9) Celebrity Big Brother - It is my guilty pleasure of telly, I'm absolutely addicted

10) Waking up early - it makes my day feel so much longer and makes me feel like I've been productive

Hope you guys enjoy seeing what I've been enjoying this week, what have you liked this week?

Speak Soon
Charlotte x

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