Saturday, 12 January 2013

Whats made me happy this week?

1) Its a new year which means I can officially ignore all the stupid and embarrassing things I did in 2012 (believe me there is a lot) and try to focus on not doing any of them in 2013

2) Friends Box set - possibly the best Christmas present I could have got, how I didn't own it already I will never know

3) My new Red hair - I am embracing the ginge (and by ginge I mean fire engine red which is so obviously from the bottle) hopefully the red hair will bring out my fiery side! *excuse me while I go and sing Little Mermaid songs and pretend I'm Ariel for the whole day* Just to confirm I don't actually do this (I do...)

4) The thought of going back to Uni next weekend - I love being at home I really do, seeing my friends and family and my dog... eating the free food on offer and enjoying a bath and heating! But I am really looking forward to seeing my housemates and getting back into the swing of student life.

5) Up - the most emotional roller coaster of a cartoon film since Mufasa got killed off in the Lion King (excuse me while I weep) such a cute family film with a wonderful message. All I want from life is a pet Kevin, a pet Dug and a house with loads of balloons that too much to ask? If you haven't seen it please do so NOW!

6) The Avengers - I got this on DVD for Christmas and since I have watched it countless times I absolutely love it and have decided that for next Christmas I want to be a superhero/do a back flip - whichever comes first.

7) I know its a bit late - but - New Years! For me and my friends for as long as I can remember New Years has always ended up in disaster with people being far too drunk and far too emotional. But for the first time we actually managed to have a good new years :) hopefully the first of many.

8) My New Hat - I love it so much and I'm never going to take it off. Simples

9) The Batman box set - another thing I got for Christmas and another superhero thing (my family and friends clearly know me too well) It includes Batman Begins, The Dark Knight (my fave) and The Dark Knight Rises!

10) Bright Red lipstick - makes me feel like a 1950's movie star

So here is the first things that have made me happy in 2013 (kind of a random selection I know) and hopefully the first have many! I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year and I'd love to hear what has made you guys happy this week :)

Speak Soon
Charlotte x

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