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Boots Haul

I recently made a trip to Boots as I had that disastrous moment when pretty much ALL of my make up decided to run out - why does make up do this to us? So unless I wanted to look rough for the rest of my life, I needed to go shopping. Surprisingly when shopping I managed to stay on task and not digress to the lipsticks which is something I'm ashamed to say I'm normally very guilty of. So I thought I would share with you what I bought.

Sorry for the dodgy lighting, I did my best to make it brighter

The first two Items I purchased are face make up products, namely foundation & concealer. These two products are definitely my go to products and I have been repurchasing them since I first tried them however long ago. The foundation is the Rimmel Wake me up foundation, This is my all time favourite foundation, the coverage is amazing, it smells surprisingly nice & I also really like the packaging (strangely important for me.) I'll be posting a review of this product in the near future so keep an eye out for that for more information & my opinions about the product. The concealer I purchased is another firm favourite of mine and its the Collection 2000 Lasting perfection ultimate wear concealer, for me this is the ultimate concealer, no other concealer I've tried can touch it (although I would like to try the Benefit Erase paste at some point.) It covers blemishes like a dream, as a sufferer of obvious dark shadows under my eyes, this concealer helps to hide it so much leaving me looking so much more awake and alert.

I then went on to the 'eye section' I'd say that mascara & liquid eyeliner are definitely my staple products. My eyes are naturally quite large and people tend to comment on my eyes most (not that it happens alot) so I think Mascara and liquid eyeliner do me a lot of favours in making me not look too bug eyed. I decided to go back to an old favourite mascara which I haven't used for quite a while its the: Max Factor False lash effect mascara. What I really love most about this mascara is that you literally need one coat and there is a noticeable in difference in length and volume, after using this again I can't believe it took me this long to come back to it. The Liquid eyeliner I picked up is a new choice for me its the: Rimmel Glam'eyes professional liquid liner, I normally purchase my liquid liner from Rimmel, I just decided to try this particular one because of the different brush style than my previous one. The Glam'eyes one is much more like an actual brush, I find it much more fiddly to use but it gives a more defined look on the eye so its a tough one. I think it may take abit of practice to get the hang of this one but first impressions are so far so good.

I've never really gotten into the whole make up brush thing, I've always been quite cack handed and have always found it difficult to use make up brushes so that they look good on my face. But recently I've decided that I want to give the whole make up brush thing another go, so I decided to invest in some proper brushes & I'd heard so many raving reviews about this brand so I picked up a couple of the Real Techniques brushes namely the Stippling Brush & the Expert face brush. I'm still getting to grips with them so can't give them raving reviews as of yet, I will say I love the feel of the brushes, they are so soft and feel a really good quality. I like the fact that the company offers online tutorials and I feel that they are really helping to make a difference. When I have got to grips with these brushes some more I will include a proper in depth review about them.

What are your go to products? Do you have any suggestions? Do you have any tips for a cack handed make up brush amateur?

Speak Soon
Charlotte x


  1. I really want to try that foundation! :) I have the same eyeliner and love it! (wearing it right now!) Ive heard the real techniques brushes are great but the mojority of mine are from and I love them too! especially the studio line ones! Hope you like the stippling brush! I cant live without mine!!! :)

    1. You definitely should try it out, its amazing! Ahh I'll have to check the website out then, thanks :)

      Charlotte xx

  2. "I've never really gotten into the whole make up brush thing" <--- that is me xx

    1. Phew, at least I'm not the only one! :)

      Charlotte xx


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