Monday, 14 January 2013

Benefit Review | High Beam

I have never really been too focused on using highlighters before recently, and I decided I wanted to invest into one that would make my face look glowing & healthy. One of my friends actually recommended High Beam to me. I was abit put off by the price like I am with most Benefit products (typical student behaviour.) But I decided to look into it as an investment and I had been told that the product lasts a really long time as you only really need to use a little bit in each sitting.

I am so glad my friend convinced me to buy it, the colour itself is beautiful, it reminds me of a shiny pearl in an oyster, and on the skin it looks equally as beautiful. It definitely highlights the face and helps to make me look like I actually have cheek bones hidden underneath my baby face. I'm not sure I can praise this product enough. I use it like it suggests on my cheek bones & my brow bones, and I also use it on my cupids bow just above my lip as it helps to make your lips look fuller and as my lips are pretty much non existent (much like my cheekbones) any tip to make them look bigger is fine by me.

The only thing I would say is make sure you use the bare minimum as if you use to much you can look abit like Edward in Twilight when he's in the sun (shiny & glittery) and unless you want to look like a sparkly vampire I would definitely say less is more in this instance. So I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good quality highlighter. I haven't tried any powder highlighters yet so I don't know how it compares, but I am aiming to soon so I will do a post about that and look at the comparison between the two types, but so far I am loving the liquid highlighter. I am also interested in trying the sun beam highlighter as I naturally have slightly more tanned skin so I think the bronze element may suit my skin more. If anyone has tried sun beam how does it compare to high beam?

Do you use high beam? and if so how do you like it. Do you prefer liquid highlighters or powder highlighters?       If any one has any powder highlighter recommendations please let me know.

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Charlotte x      


  1. This looks like a great highlighter! May have to try it! xx

    1. Yes do it, its awesome :) really like your blog by the way!

      Charlotte x


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