Thursday, 17 January 2013

50 Random things about me TAG

So this Tag has been floating around the blogging/youtuber sphere for a while now so I thought I would give it ago, hope you guys like it.

1) I can fit my whole fist in my mouth

2) I am a complete sci fi/ fantasy geek

3) I'm terrified of needles

4) I am a Disney freak

5) I have very little common sense

6) I'm very stubborn

7) I love mushrooms

8) I haven't watched a scary film since I was 17

9) I get so angry when people talk during a film

10) I have never broken a bone

11) ...Or been to hospital

12) I have to rinse things before I use them e.g. cups, mugs, cutlery, plates etc.

13) Is my lucky number (and my sister was born on Friday the 13th)

14) I sing all the time

15) My favourite Disney princess is princess Jasmine

16) I'm doing a degree which I'm no longer particularly fond of

17) My hair has been pretty much every colour you can think of

18) I have a baby face

19) I talk to my Dog like he's a person

20) My dream job would be a superhero

21) My toes click whenever I walk

22) I once asked if you needed a passport to go to London

23) At my year 13 leavers ball I won an award for 'most dippiest female'

24) I prefer the country side to the city

25) My eyes are naturally large and people often think I'm in shock when they first meet me

26) My favourite place in the world is Disney World

27) I love going skiing

28) I'm addicted to caffeine

29) My favourite colour is blue

30) I went through an 'Emo' phase when I was 14/15 (although I think some aspects of that have stuck with me)

31) I have already decided my children's names

32) I find it very difficult to accept compliments

33) I get myself into a lot of awkward situations

34) I got ID'd for paracetamol the other week - I'm 20

35) I love Christmas so much

36) I was born on a Friday

37) I have never done the lottery

38) I love cider

39) I have abnormally small thumbs

40) My eyes change colour depending on what I'm wearing

41) I am quite a paranoid person

42) I have found it very difficult to think of this many things about myself

43) I prefer superhero movies to chick flicks

44) I'm always warm

45) an example of the above: when I was little I once played in the snow in shorts and a t-shirt

46) After a bad experience when I was 4 I remain terrified to this day of the snow white ride at Disney

47) I can read really quickly (my record is 2 books in one day)

48) I sometimes dream the future (I'll dream something and then it happens the next day)

49) I wish magic was real

50) Writing this had made me realise I'm really boring.

So I hope you liked seeing all the random things about me and my life, sorry if it bored anyone I'm not exactly the most exciting person in the world, i would love to read any of your attempts at this tag, so feel free to link it in the comments and I'll check it out. :)

Speak Soon
Charlotte x


  1. Love reading this tag! i could say a lot of those things about myself we probably have at least 15 from your list in common, weird! xx

    1. Ahh thanks :) wow really? It's funny how much of the random stuff people have in common! maybe this means I'm not as weird as I thought haha! I really like your blog by the way :)

      Charlotte x


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