Sunday, 9 December 2012

What's made me happy this week...

Very True - Found on Pinterest

1) That feeling of relief when all my assignments are handed in.

2) Lush's Christmas stock.

3) I got Jersey Boys tickets for my Birthday! :D :D :D

4) Dark Lipstick

5) Snowballs (the drink)

6) Going home for Christmas - finally feeling properly festive and of course seeing my Dog!

7) Company Magazine - love reading the blogging tips (onwards and upwards)

8) Tumblr - definitely rekindling a love! if anyone wants to check it out its:

9) Wooly Hats - cosy and cover up bad hair days

10) Yorkshire puddings - Literally could eat them all day

So this is what I've enjoyed this week, some of them are a little random, but hey to quote Asda: every little helps. Whats everyone been enjoying this week?

Speak Soon
Charlotte x

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