Saturday, 1 December 2012

Oops, I went shopping

So I accidently went in to town and ended up buying things...oops! I will just say I didn't buy all these things at once and I did use a gift voucher on most of it, so I think its slightly more justifiable? maybe? yeah! :) So I thought I'd show you guys what I got, most of the items are beauty related so if you don't really like those sorts of posts feel free not to read.

So the first 3 products are all Models own nail polishes, safe to say I'm enjoying painting my nails at the moment, I'm not normally a nail sort of person as I'm far to impatient to sit and wait for them to dry and I'm also rather cack handed and always manage to smudge them, but I'm quite enjoying wearing different colour nails so I thought I'd buy some pretty colours. The first is the Models Own, Head Kandi in Beach Party and its a really nice bight orange, obviously its more of a summer colour but I'm enjoying wearing it in the Winter months as I feel it can brighten up darker outfits, particularly since I seem to be wearing alot of black and so nice bright nails can help make me look less 'Dawn of the dead.' The second is a glittery nail polish which I can tell I'm going to get alot of use out of this Winter its Models Own - Blizzard and its a really lovely silvery glitter with coloured speckles, I guess by the name blizzard that its supposed to resemble snowflakes in some form and thats why I like it, especially over a white basecoat it makes me feel all wintery and snow queen (I  hope people know that story) so I'm very pleased with this purchase, I will say that it normally takes atleast 2 coats to get a nice built up look. The last Models own item I purchased is the Nail art pen in black, I am trying to work on my nail art abilities, its definately a work in progress *See the cackhanded comment above* but I really like that it has two brushes, one for lines and stripes and the other for patterns and dots I think. I'm liking experimenting different patterns etc, with it. Don't call me nail Picasso just yet, but watch this space for some nail posts as I attempt to become more competent.

I have also ended up buying a few lipsticks, two from Topshop and two from Rimmel...prepare yourself for the colour red in abundance (they are all slightly different I promise.) The two topshop ones are Beguiled and Inhibition, for more detail about these lipsticks see my 'October favourites' post and my 'I heart Autumn tag' I absolutely love these two colours and am so glad I brought them. The next two lipsticks may or may not also be red lipstick, they are both Rimmel lipsticks in 01 and 107 they are both quite bright but dark and vampy at the same time (if that makes sense?) I really like the way they look on my lips and have definately and will definately get alot of use out of them, because they are very very pretty.

So I went to Benefit and I've never purchased anything from there before but I've heard great things about it so I thought I would take the plunge. I got the Benefit High beam higlighter, I have been looking for a decent highlighter for ages and I'd heard wonderful things about this one and I can see why, I really like it, it gives a nice healthy glow to the skin and who doesn't want that? I also brought the Browzings eyebrow kit I got it in light although thinking about it I should probably have got it in medium, but oh well it still looks fine, i've only used this a couple of times and I'm still getting to grips using wax and powder (I've previously used a eyebrow pencil) but I really like the shape and colour it gives my eyebrows, it also keeps them in place really well which I'm really pleased with.

So I hope you all liked this post, I am now going to ban myself from shopping for a while now. Do any of you guys use any of the same products? I'd love to know what you think about them.

Speak Soon

Charlotte x

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