Wednesday, 5 December 2012

On the fourth day of Christmas...

So the 4th of December happens to be my birthday, I turned 20 yesturday, something that to be honest I was slightly dreading, 20 feels like such a big number and I think I was slightly apprehensive about the thought of not being a teenager anymore but I had a really lovely day with my housemates, another thing I miss is being at home for my birthday and being surrounded by family and friends, but my housemates are absolute stars and made it so special.

We kind of had a chilled day, had a breakfast of pancakes and tea then opened presents in the afternoon, then did abit of work (essay deadline is fastly looming in :/ ) then being the mature adults we are went bowling. I hadn't been bowling since I was around 12 ish I used to be quite good...not anymore :/  I came last in both games oops, but we had a laugh which is the main thing. The plan was then to go to Nando's for some dinner as I have never been there before (What?!? I know) but strangely it was closed at 7:00pm so we went to spoons and had steak and cider which was so good! When we finally waddled home stuffed we had some birthday cake and played singstar (20 going on 12) which was very funny before heading off to bed. It was such a perfect birthday I couldn't ask for anything better.

Sorry if people don't like this sort of post, but I always think its nice to see how other people spent their birthday - call me nosy I guess.

Has anyone else had a birthday recently or one coming up? I'd love to know your birthday plans.
Speak Soon
Charlotte x

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