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Haul | Lush Christmas Stock

I went to lush and spent abit to much money oops, I'm going to blame it on the novelty of being at home and having access to a bath. I love the Christmas stock that they had last year and I know that they have reformulated some of the items so I couldn't wait to give them a go so I bought them even though I expect santa may be bringing some lush products my way. So I thought I would share my thoughts with you :)

Father Christmas Bath Ballistic:
"This is an incredibly festive bath ballistic that's going to put a smile on your face, thanks to all the cheerful and comforting mandarine and Bergamot oil. Run a nice warm bath, hop in, then drop your Father Christmas in the water. Watch him turn your water from bright red to vivid green in the water as it dissolves and fills your tub with fragrance." - I think that this one may be my favourite of the ones i bought it smells absolutely gorgous and the smell lasts the whole bath, unlike some of the others I tried, as you guys can see in the pictures it looks amazing, it is definitely the coolest looking bath I have ever had and I agree with the description it did make me feel very festive indeed! a massive thumbs up and a huge recomendation.

So White Bath Ballistic
"With it's beautiful rosey apple fragrance, So White is now larger than life! Throw a snowball! Or run a nice warm bath, hop in, then throw your So White bath bomb at the side of the tub. Watch her explode and the frothy, pink bubble bar mix transform your water." - I really liked this one last year but since they have changed it and made it bigger I'm not as crazy about it as I was, don't get me wrong I still like it and wouldn't say no to using it in my bath but I was abit disapointed. For me the beautiful apple smell didn't last long enough, the pink bubble bar in no way transformed the water merely leaving a slight pink tinge in some areas of the bath. So slightly let down however it did its job as a bath bomb and I still enjoyed using it.

Party Popper Bath Ballistic
"Celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Thanksgiving. Chinese New Year - In fact any day of the week - with this fantastic celebratory new bath ballistic. Run a nice warm bath, hop in, then throw your Party Popper! Watch it turn your water in to a bright pink and blue lagoon as it dissolves and fills your tub with fragrance. You can even wash your self with the special melon paper soap." - I really liked using this one, not only was it really pretty but it smelled incredible and had popping candy in it which I wasn't aware of. When you put it in the bath it mixes between pink and blue which reminded me of sleeping beauty when the fairies are fighting over the colour of the dress and they mix together, once it had mixed together it became this beautiful lavender sort of colour. The only thing I wasn't really a fan of was the 'paper soap' which you were supposed to be able to wash with, I tried and found it abit awkward because it wouldnt dissolve properly and just kind of stuck to the skin but other than that I really enjoyed it. However it did leave a pink stain around my bath which took a lot of scrubbing to get rid of and there is still a slight tinge so just be prepared for some scrubbing.

Bubblebeard Re-usable bubble bar
"Bubblebeard will be endless fun in the tub for big and little kids this Christmas. Plus all those beautiful essential oils will leave you with a kissably soft skin for those under the mistletoe moments! Run a warm bath, take your tache wand, then swish it a round in the water for a softening, relaxing lavender and sandalwood scented bath and a mound of bubbles. Pop it on the side and use it again another time." - This bubble bar is perfect for a relaxing bath, the lavender and sandalwood scent is beautiful, the moustache shapped bubble bar is such a cute idea and I love the fact that it is re usable as it is definitely one I enjoy using in the evening to relax with a magazine the bubbles and the smell can certainly cure the aftermath of any stressful day. *note I haven't included a picture of this in the bath as it is just a standard bubble bath look and didn't feel it necessary to add a picture.
Only appropriate way to show it really ;)

Magic Wand Re-usable bubble bar
"All lovers of Snow Fairy will love this multi-use bubble bar wand, scented with that candy sweet perfume that we know and love at christmas time. Run a warm bath, take your magic wand, then swish it around in the water for a softening, sweetly scented bath and a mound of candy bubbles. Once you've finished swishing, pop it on the side and use another time!" - I think that out of all the ones I've used I'd have to say that this is my least favourite out of all them, the bubbles and the feel of the bath was really nice but I'm just not a fan of the smell I found it to be a bit sickly and overpowering, out of the two bubble bars I am definitely more in favour of the bubblebeard one. abit of a thumbs down I'm afraid. *I had a bit of a bubble nightmare so unfortunately I couldn't get a photo of it in the bath, but it is just kind of standard bubbles but the water has a slight pink tinge.

I hope you  enjoyed this review of some of the items in the Lush Christmas stock, I really enjoyed trying them all out. If you have tried any of the above products I'd love to know your favourites and the ones your not so keen on.

Speak Soon
Charlotte x

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