Friday, 23 November 2012

What's made me happy this week?

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1) Michael Buble's Christmas Album - yes its finally that time of year when its acceptable to whack this awesome album on. ( I so wish I had tickets for his tour :( so jealous of anyone going)

2) The Big Bang Theory - its finally returned to British television, one of my favourite shows its absolutely hilarious! I love Sheldon so much.

3) The fact that I've started my Christmas shopping already - hopefully this is going to be the first year where I'm not left stressing a couple of days before Christmas trying to get presents

4) 90's songs - me and my housemate had an evening blasting out our favourite childhood song! so much nostalgia. love the cheesiness!

5) No more roots - finally dyed my hair and gotten rid of my horrendous roots

6) The fact that my essays are nearly done - hopefully I'll finally stop stressing soon, fingers crossed!

7) I'm a Celebrity! Get me out of here - literally just for Ant & Dec, their bromance is amazing and they are absolutely hilarious, definately makes my evening.

8) Porridge - tasty and nutricious, need I say more?

9) Making plans with people I care alot about - so looking forward to seeing so many people

10) Finishing my housemates Secret Santa present - can't wait to see the look on her face

PLUS: something I'm not loving this week: That in 10 days I'm no longer going to be a teenager, twenty feels so old :(

Hope everyone has had a lovely week :) What's everyone enjoyed about their weeks?

Speak Soon
Charlotte x

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