Friday, 16 November 2012

Whats made me happy this week?

originally found on pinterest - every new day brings something beautiful
1) That it is officially less than a month until  'The Hobbit' is out!

2) Sending my mum flowers for her birthday and imagining the look on her face

3) Having a bad day then having an amazing day the next to make up for it :)

4) Cheesy quotes

5) Singing in the shower

6) Mcfly - love is easy, i've been playing it on repeat and singing it constantly - great tune!

7) Putting the finishing touches on my memory wall

8) Making lists

9) Early Mornings - means I can make the most of the day and be productive

10) A meaningful hug :)

Whats everyone been enjoying this week? Hope everyone has had a nice week :)

Speak Soon
Charlotte x

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