Friday, 2 November 2012

Whats made me happy this week

This post is inspired by Rosie's "10 things that have made me happy this week." I always think it's nice to read posts like that on other blogs, reading what has made others happy always makes me happy.

1) Coming back home for reading week, as much as I love being at University, every now and then its nice to come home and not have to think about anything and getting nice and spoiled with home cooking.

2) Taking my dog for a walk down the field, he loves walking through the leaves and looks so cute playing in them. I love my dog so much and spending some time together is lovely, it also gives me some much needed thinking time.

3) Having some quality time with my little sister, being at University I'm obviously away from home alot of the time and I miss spending time with her during her "childhood years" as it were, so when I come home its lovely to catch up with her and have some sisterly bonding time.

4) Heating, I'm sure many students out there will understand what I mean, at my house at Uni we haven't dared put the heating on yet for fear of the cost, so its great to come home to a warm house which I don't have to pay for (slightly dreading going back to the cold on Sunday, :/ brrr)

5) Random acts of kindness, its so nice seeing strangers doing nice things for other strangers, even the littlest things can put a smile on someones face and it definately puts my faith back into humanity

6) Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows, they are chocolatey and creamy and marshmallowey mmm! need I say more?

7) The current weather! (controversial) when its not raining that is! I love the crisp autumn breeze and the sun reflecting off the leaves whilst being all wrapped up in layers.

8) Wooly hats and gloves! due to the above^ layers are 100% necessary and cosy accesories are definately the way forward, I'm very much enjoying my new snood from Primark!

9)Halloween, boo its all over :( I actually love Halloween so much and wish we got into it as much here in the UK as they do in America.

10) Christmas is coming! Now that its November its finally acceptable for me to be so excited about Christmas *Que Christmas singsong*
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Hope everyone enjoyed this little insight into my week, I'm hoping to make this a regular thing as I think its nice to share things that makes us happy! what have you all enjoyed this week? and I hope you enjoy the week to come :) Here's a photo of a happy dog to send you on your way!
Speak Soon
Charlotte x

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