Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Strictly vs X factor

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In the battle of the saturday night telly, my natural reaction has always previously been to side with the X factor, as I've always felt it was more young (plus I love singing along with all the acts.) But this year I've definately felt my affections shifting towards Strictly Come Dancing.

The only act this year on the X factor that I've in anyway warmed to is James Arthur, who has such an amazing voice its made my cry on numerous occasions, his version of Sweet Dreams during Halloween week literally gave me goosebumps if you haven't heard it, listen to it NOW!  So he is my obvious favourite but I literally don't care about any of the others. I don't know whether its because of the contestents this year, but at the moment if there was a clash between strictly and X factor then, strictly would definately win (however I do also love Dermot presenting, he does make it slightly worth viewing.)

I think Strictly has a slight entertainment edge for me, I love seeing what every single contestant is going to come out with, as the different dances every week can change the outcome so easily giving it more variety. The costumes are stunning every single week, if it was acceptable to strut around sainsburies wearing those costumes then believe me I would definately doing so. Another thing that I like about Strictly is that the Judge's actually give proper criticism and advice rather than just shouting over each other about "the entertainment factor." Which is why its not a surprise to me that Strictly has been winning in the television ratings this year also.

Of course I have my favourites though, in terms of amazing showmanship and dance ability I am loving Denise van Outen and in terms of improvement and the fact I have a soft spot for him is Michael Vaughan, with the latter being my hope for the glitterball trophy.

Does anyone else feel the same way about the X factor being a bit pants this year? Who gets your vote in the saturday night television battle?

*This is just a little random post to express my changing feelings haha, don't worry I'm not trying to convert anyones viewings or anything! :)

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