Monday, 5 November 2012

October Favourites

So Autumn/Winter is officially upon us and I couldn't be more thrilled, as it is definately my most favourite time of year. However the cold and windy weather can definately take its toll on my skin and hair etc. so alot of my favourites throughout October have definately helped to protect me from the harsh weather.

The first product that I really like this month may seem a bit of a boring product but is actually a god send, especially for this time of year. It's a Vaseline lip balm, I love all the vaseline lip balms but my personal favourite has got to be, the Rosy lips one in the pink packaging - it contains Rose and Almond oil. I find that its so soothing and nourishing on the lips, I'm one of those people who suffer from dry chapped lips all year long, and this product definately leaves them feeling soft and protected. A little added bonus is that it subtly tints a rosey pink colour on your lips leaving them looking natural and healthy with a beautiful colour and shine.

The Tangle teezer is my all time favourite hair brush, I have no idea how I dealt with my knotty tangley hair before it. It brushes through like a dream, getting rid of all my knots without hurting really badly and without leaving my hair frizzy which I have often found with some brushes. The fact that it is travel size makes it ideal for just sticking in your bag and carrying around in case the need for it arises, the fact that the one I have is bright pink is just an extra added bonus as its pretty and girl and easy to spot in the clutter that is my handbag. They are slightly pricey, I believe mine was £10 but I definately feel that I have got my moneys worth as I use it everyday and it has helped me out of many a hair disaster.

My favourite shower gel this month has definately got to be The little Bubble Co. Coconut Creme shower gel, I love the smell of coconut and this shower gel definately does not disappoint its got a wonderful coconut smell without being to over powering, this shower gel feels great on my skin and never leaves it irritated like some shower gels can do. My one of these is nearly all gone *que tears* but i've got another member of this little bubble co family to replace it: Vanilla Biscuit, from first impressions its smells great and I can't wait to try it, i'll let you know if its as good as the Coconut one.

Soap and Glory are one of my favourite skin care brands, and my next two favourites are from there. The first is The righteous butter, a body butter which contains shea butter and aloe vera. I don't even know where to start with this one, it smells absolutely gorgous, it rubs in like a dream and it makes my notoriously dry legs feel like silk. I don't have a single negative thing to say about this product and I can guarantee I will be using this for years to come. The second is Hand Food an absolute winter staple, it contains: Shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow, it smells wonderful and leaves your hands smelling equally as wonderful. I get very dry hands during winter and this product is brilliant for keeping them soft. It says on the packaging that it is a non-greasy hydrating hand cream, and that is the only thing I disagree with, it can sometimes leave my hands feeling greasy after use but it does such wonderful things for my dry hands that I think its worth it.

My lipstick choices this month definately reflect the change in seasons, I'm loving statement red lips at the moment and my two choice lipsticks this month are Rimmels Kate Moss lipstick in "01" and Topshop's  "Beguiled." The Rimmel one is a typical statement red lipstick, its a nice bright red, very pigmented and very moisturising on my lips. "Beguiled" is a more of a wine/plum sort of colour, its very pigmented aswell and can be built up for a more vampy look, its less moisturising than the Rimmel one, but aslong as you wear a lip balm underneath then you'll be fine.

Rimmel is proving to be good for me at the moment as my go-to foundation at the moment is the: Rimmel Wake me up foundation, I love this foundation so much, the shade I am using is "200, soft beige" and I think that it matches my skin tone really well, it says on the packaging that it gives an: "anti-fatigue effect and radiant glow" and I would 100% agree, it covers up all the dark circles under my eyes and makes my skin look healthy and awake which is exactly what I want from a foundation. This is definately going to be a keeper in my make up bag, as I absolutely love it.

The last of my favourites isn't really beauty related its: Sainsbury's Max Strength Cold and Flu capsules, its getting to that time of year when everyone is getting snotty and sniffly and taking these has definately kept me feeling better even when I've been ill, they have also enabled me to be able to function, they contain caffeine which has helped me to keep awake when I've been feeling drowsy during the day, I will definately be dosing up on this throughout the winter to avoid the sniffles.

Hope you guys like reading about what I enjoyed this month? what products have you guys enjoyed this past month? any similarities or anything you could reccomend for me?

Speak Soon
Charlotte x

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