Friday, 2 November 2012

Lets get inspired!

Love this! found on pinterest.
After recently watching "The Pride of Britain Awards" I've been doing a bit of thinking and feeling quite inspired, now I must confess everytime I watch one of these shows, I get teary eyed and vow that I'm going to change my way of life and make a difference to someone in someway and never end up doing anything really of value! That changes right here! I think that its time that we all try and be the best we can be and make an effort to do good! I know so many people do wonderful selfless acts and I'd quite like to take a leaf out of their books. I know that the world isn't going to change over night and I know that its not the easiest or most practical thing to go all guns blazing into doing good things. So I propose that everyone tries to do one selfless thing a day, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, its surprising what can cheer someone up or help someone out, whether its:
- Giving up your seat on a bus
- Helping someone carry a bag
- Offering someone a tissue when they sneeze and saying bless you
- Smiling at someone in the street
- Returning an item that someone has dropped etc.

These things may seem so simple but can certainly brighten up someones day, and if we all start on the little things then the big things will eventually follow! So lets all try and change the world into a place that we are proud of! I'm aware that in theory this idea is easier than in reality but lets give it our best go eh?

I know that this post may seem slightly cringey to some but I just think that maybe its high time for a bit of cringe in the world as you hear so many stories about negative things in the world today and I think it would be good to hear some positive things more regularly. And just to point out this is just my opinion I am aware that there are plenty of good things that people do, and of course I'm not trying to shove my view's down anyone's throat or force anyone to do anything. Its just a suggestion/ nice idea. :)

Has anyone done anything to help another today? Or has someone done something for you that has brightened up your day? I'd love to hear any stories you all have :)

Speak Soon
Charlotte x

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  1. Aww so true :)

    Cool post! Bath Melt giveaway this week!


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