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A belated review | The Hunger Games Trilogy

I have been meaning to write this for a very long time but haven't quite had the chance to sit down and think about it properly. I finished reading the hunger games trilogy (nearly a month a go now) and it actually took me three days to finish all three books, so I'm sure you can guess my initial reaction to the series. This review may contain spoilers so if you haven't read the books yet, I would suggest doing so before reading this.

I actually saw the film before I started reading the books and was expecting to find that the film would be nothing like the book as some film adaptions can be, but I was pleasently surprised I thought that the film was a very good adaption to the book, showing the key themes and events quite well. But enough about the film, I can do a seperate review for that if people wish?

To start overall: I absolutely loved all three books, the plot was right up my street. The gruesome social commentary was enticing and it definately tugged on my heartstings when needed. I found the idea of a futuristic world portrayed in such a negative way refreshing, as although that idea has of course been done before, I felt that these books gave a different spin, possibly due to the protaganist Katniss Everdeen being such a young character and the fact that the basic idea of 'the hunger games' itself is that child goes against child and fights to the death. I felt that this element of  it added a darker and more sinister side than has been seen before.

As for the characters themselves I have mixed feelings. Katniss to begin with, I felt was the perfect heroine, strong, brave, willing to fight and independant, towards the end of the second book/beginning of the third book (catching fire/ mockingjay) I began to grow irritated with her, however she did eventually begin to pull it back and redeem herself in my eyes. Peeta, I didn't relate to or grow to like at all (sorry girls) I found him annoying, clingy and just in general a bore (my opinion only) If I was Katniss I definately would not have chosen Peeta in the end, being stuck with him for the rest of my life wouldn't be my idea of fun. I absolutely loved Gale, he was definately my love interest for Katniss, I felt the history between them and their close bond made him an ideal candidate but sadly I did not write the book. I did find the love triangle between the three of them entertaining albeit a bit samey samey at points. The character of Finnick probably won my heart in terms of leading man material, that cheeky chappy persona, then moving into lost puppy, who had been used and abused, to loving and caring husband, the perfect blend of these made him in my eyes a very like able character. His and Annie's relationship was so beautiful in my eyes I just wish it had been shown in more detail and I only hope the film version does it justice as to me it completely tops that of Katniss and Peeta. When Finnick met his dreary demise I won't lie I shed a tear or two. The character of President Snow, is everything you want in a villain: Evil, sinister, powerful, creepy and knowledgeable, the fact that he knew what was going on alot of the time kept the readers on their toes. The description of the 'stench of blood on his breath' made the character seem so much more evil to the point that it made me feel sick when I read about it, to me that sort of feeling shows that they are a good villian, and I very much look forward to see how that storyline and characters development is portrayed in the films.

I found the idea of 'the hunger games' itself to be such an interesting idea, the fact that the 'upper' classes found the idea of pinning young people of different ages, abilities all from different areas against eachother in a confined space in order to kill one another is such an interesring idea, the dramitic and gory imagery used to describe the fighting and death scenes made the whole thing even more shocking. The darkness of the books as a whole made it appealing for me as it wasn't too intense but definately portrayed some deep stuff and definately helped in making me think about things. I didn't particulalry enjoy the ending, I felt that it could've been better but the trilogy as a whole was amazing. I can't wait to read them again funnily enough and am intrigued to see how the next two films will turn out.

What did everyone who's read them think of the books? Do you prefer the book to the film or not?

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