Friday, 26 October 2012

I love Converse

I've recently added a new member to my Converse family, I used to be absolutely obsessed with converse and i'm gradually rekindling that love. At the moment I already have a green pair but chose to get a black pair a) to replace my old black ones that have broken b) because they are so much more versatile than the brightly coloured ones.

 I will never have a bad word to say about Converses, they are comfy, in my experience I have never recived foot ache or blisters from them, which are surprising for my feet. I think they are stylish and wearable and will go with so many items of clothing. What I really like about them though is their practicality, they can be worn during pretty much anytime of the year without looking out of place.

I've only worn this pair out once so far as I'm scared of getting their toes and laces dirty but I'm sure I will eventually get as much use out of them as I do my green pair (which is alot.) This is definately not the last pair of converses I will be getting and am looking to purchase a red, navy/blue and a white pair. Of course I might have to save for a while, that is the only downside to these awesome shoes: the price but I do think that they are worth the money as I get so much wear out of them and they last such a long time. Luckily I normally manage to get mine for cheaper, when my uncle goes to America on business he normally picks me up a pair and the american ones are a bit cheaper than they are over here in the UK, so if you or any family members are going to the States, I would definately reccomend picking up a pair over there rather than paying the extra here.

Whats everyones opinion on Converses? Any particular favourite styles or Colour? And if anyone has any recomendations then let me know :)

Speak Soon
Charlotte x


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