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Film Review | Brave

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Recently for my sister's 8th birthday I decided to take her to see the new Disney/Pixar film "Brave," As an avid disney fan who grew up during the peak awesomeness of disney (in my opinion.) I was slightly wary of whether this film would live up to my expectations, the same feeling I had regarding "The princess and the frog" and "Tangled" both of which i love, I decided to give it a go and I was not disapointed.

A tale of heroicism, adventure and the importance of family, this film did not disapoint to touch the hearts and funny bones of both children and adults alike. The film follows the story of the headstrong scottish princess Merida, as she fights against tradition and the wishes of her uptight mother: Queen Elinor. But like all Disney films, all is not as it seems and a chance encounter with a witch turns Merida's world upside down, leaving her fighting not only to change her fate, but fighting to save her family in more ways than one.

The character of Merida will be unforgettable to cinema goers and disney fanatics alike, with her big fiery red hair and strong scottish accent, she gives the classic disney princesses a run for their money as the only princess to date, whose film does not include a romantic lead. Merida's journey does involve a relationship but it is a family one, one of the main themes in the film is her attempting to rebuild her relationship with her mother.

The animation was absolutely beautiful in my opinion and so realistic, particularly the effects of water and fog and especially Merida's hair which there certainly is alot of. I saw the film in 2D and I thought it looked wonderful, I don't think 3D is necessary for this film and I certainly didn't think that the film lacked anything because of it, however if your a massive 3D fan then go for it, i'm sure its just as awesome.

No Disney film would be complete without the use of music and songs, which were great aswell particularly the first original song "Touch the sky" which actually made me a little bit misty eyed, thankfully the cinema was dark so hopefully no one saw. Its a wonderfully catchy song with a strong message about following your dreams and pursuing your own goals which fitted into the films tagline: "if you could change your fate, would you?" This film is definately one for all the family, with much humour and strong messages and is definately a must see, so if you haven't yet, go get sit down with a box of popcorn and watch it!

I hope everyone enjoyed my review, its the first time i've ever done anything like that so hope it wasn't too much of a shambles and I tried not to give any spoilers away so those who haven't seen it yet.

For those who have seen it, did you enjoy it? and most importantly do you think its lived up to the disney expectation?

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