Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I am not 1 spice, I am 5 Spice

So recently me and my friend Anna went to see Michael Mcintyre on tour at the O2, he's 100% our favourite comedian, so for our birthdays this year we decided that we'd go see him together rather than buying actual presents, so we brought the tickets last year and after months and months of excitement we were finally set to see that funny man, as my uni time table is pretty much non existent I decided to make a bit of a trip out of it and went to stay with my friend in Brighton before we travelled up to London to meet our other friend who we were staying with. She lives in Camden, where i've never been before so she took us for a little explore and we did a little shopping and got some food in the market. This food is some of THE best I have ever tasted, we all shared some pakistani chicken wraps, Spanish Patatas Bravas and Chicken. Oh my goodness it was tasty. Camden itself is such an interesting place to witness, I loved seeing everyone wandering around with so many different styles.

So finally it was time to see mikey mc and I actually can't remember the last time I was that excited, there was also some slight apprehension as to whether or not it would be as good as his previous stuff and i was not disapointed. It was my first time seeing his material live rather than off the DVD's and I did some notice some differences, there was more swearing which was fine and he did quite a lot of improv with the audience which was rather enjoyable and gave a nice sense of occasion and made everyone involved. Our show was one of many being filmed and it will be interesting to see the comparison between the two (yes I will definately be buying the DVD.) The show was incredibley funny and his observational sketches are completely on point! My stomach physically ached from laughter as we left the arena, no trip would be complete without souveneirs of course and I picked myself up a "5 spice" mug (if your not familiar with it, its one of his sketches from a previous it NOW!)

After months and months of excitement I was definately well entertained and would definately pay the money to see him again and next tour he does we will definately be purchasing some tickets.
Here are a few snaps I took from the visit, sorry about some of the quality, your not supposed to take photo's but of course I just had too.

A rather blurry shot of the funny man himself

Tickets :)

Michael Mcintyre 5 spice mug :D

Hope you enjoyed the photos :) anyone else go to see his tour? or just a fan in general?
Speak Soon :)
Charlotte x

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