Tuesday, 23 October 2012

August/September empties


So this is the first time i've done anything like this but i thought that i'd give a quick round up of the beauty and hair prodcuts that I have used up over the past month, i haven't got that many to show as i've been getting into a really bad habbit of buying new products before i've finished the old ones and then using them. I am trying to break this cycle and have continued to use the remaining dreggs of my old purchases.

Some items may still have some product left in them but i'm sure will be finished by the end of the month so I thought that I would still include them anyway, so here we go...

Treseme - heat defence
The first item I have to show is the "Treseme - Heat defence styling spray,"this is an old favourite of mine and has been repurchased countless times, the problem with my hair is that its stuck in a constant inbetween stage, my hair is naturally wavy and if styled in the right can look alright but alot of the time it just looks abit dull so I have to use heat to either straighten my hair or to create curls, which obviously isn't good for it. Using this has definately improved the feel of my hair, making it less dry and brittle. It says on the packaging that it is supposed to "reduce frizz" I have noticed some improvements frizz wise but I wouldn't say that has cured my frizzy hair so I definately would not rely on it to do that, however in regards to protecting my hair from the heat its been top notch and I'm definately going to miss this product until I can repurchase it.

Palmers Cocoa Butter
The next product that is all finished up is my "Palmers Cocoa butter" which has been a faithful friend to me for many years, i love the way this product feels on my skin, the packaging says its designed to "soften, smooth and relieve dry skin" and I definately agree with that, I can often get quite dry legs, particularly after shaving but using this has definately made them feel silky smooth, I would definately reccomend this to people who suffer from dry skin as it soothes it wonderfully and as an added bonus it smells great.

Sun, Swim and Gym - leave in conditioner
I've recently re discovered an old favourite of mine which I used to always use to solve my tangly hair issues...which sadly I have alot of the time. Its the "Boots Sun Swim and Gym leave in conditioner" which I don't really use it for that purpose of a leave in conditioner but rather as a detangler spray, I use it on both wet and dry hair if its particularly knotty and it works wonders leaving it easier to brush through without really hurting. Theres still a little bit left but i'm using it sparingly as i'll be devastated when it runs out because when I was looking round my local boots and the sun, swim and gym brand has seemed to have dissapeared, which I'm gutted about, if anyone knows if boots still stock this stuff please let me know as I love it.

Garnier Deoderant
This next one is a little bit random, its a deoderant, the "Garnier invisi mineral" deoderant. Now normally to me deoderant is just deoderant and I never really stick to the same one, just grab the one that has the best offer, but I actually really like this one it does the job well but it also contains an anti- white mark protection formula, which is particularly helpful if you wear dark colours (and i live in black pretty much so its ideal) so its all around pretty good and i've already repurchased another.

Natural Collection Body Spray
These last two products are on the fragency side, the first being the "Natural Collection mango and papaya body spary." I brought this as one of those products I could just chuck in my bag and touch up when I can't be bothered to carry around perfume. It smells absolutely gorgous and i've especially loved it over the summer as it has that fruity summery smell but it also cools you down and freshens you up when you spray it. I will definately be repurchasing this as for me it ticks all the boxes of a quality body spray.

Marc Jacobs Daisy
"Marc Jacobs Daisy" is my all time favourite perfume and I'm going to be especially sad to say goodbye to it, the smell to me is absolutely classic, it smells florally but not in a sickly sweet kind of way and I use this all the time, I absolutely adore it, the product is long lasting and i've recieved many a compliment regarding the smell. Sadly I won't be repurchasing it myself as I am a poor student and cannot afford it myself but it is on the birthday wishlist so hopefully come December (ahh that feels so far away) I will be reunited with this beauty.

(Sorry about the picture quality my camera has been playing up abit recently)

What have you guys been using up this Summer? Any products you would reccomend to replace any of the above?

Speak Soon
Charlotte x

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